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Our Team

Join our international team of over 300+ educators delivering a range of clinical courses, seminars, events and study tours

We are committed to supporting our team of educators to enhance patient care through the provision of contemporary teaching and learning experiences for health care providers. 

Our organisation is committed to provide our educators the best possible teaching experience through our dedication to the following values. 






Allocated appropriate  

Travel organised expeditiously 

Simple access to course materials 


Competitive remuneration 

Ongoing guidance and development 

Clear communication  


Excellence recognised  

Constructively resolve concerns 

Seeks to improve 

Join our team of leading educators

I am a fully accredited instructor with either ARC, NAEMT or TNCC

I am an instructor candidate (IC) with either ARC, NAEMT or TNCC

I want to become an instructor with ARC, NAEMT or TNCC/ENA

Shane Lenson
Managing Director
LinkedInTwitter @shanelenson
Dr Anthony Lewis
Medical Director
LinkedInTwitter @OSWinNSW
Peta Lea Gale
Director of Teaching & Learning
Matthew Stewart
Director of Operations
LinkedInTwitter @M_Stew84
Dr. Stephen Margolis
Medical Advisor (General Practice)
Janet Jenista
Faculty Manager
Angela Rowell
Manager of Operations, People and Partnerships
Macey Radburn
Customer Service
Krista Potaka
Digital Media and Communications Specialist
Bec Morey
Education Development Specialist
Vanessa Morton
Sydney Regional Coordinator & Senior Educator
Karla Mulready
Brisbane Regional Coordinator & Educator
Sue Chambers
Perth Regional Coordinator
Amber van Dreven
Education Development Specialist

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